About us

Who is Prosperity Capital?

Prosperity Capital is a property investment and development company specialising in Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) and Build to Rent (BTR) throughout the UK and Ireland. We pride ourselves on developing high-quality accommodation that helps create new communities, while contributing to existing ones. Our experience and understanding of the property market means we can deliver for both our investors and residents.

Our vision and values

We take a fresh approach to long-standing challenges in the built environment to create developments that are future-proofed, flexible and delivered responsibly


We believe that taking a progressive, future-orientated approach is the best way to serve our investors, clients, occupiers and residents.


We take a respectful, conscious and well-intentioned approach to every development project we undertake.


We work with award-winning architects so that each development meets our exceptional design standards.


By taking a truly collaborative approach with everyone we work with, we can deliver projects that benefit the whole community.


To achieve our aim of building sustainable neighbourhoods that serve the local community, we can not abandon our integrity.

Agile and Flexible

At Prosperity Capital, we understand that each development project is unique and requires a distinct approach.

Meet the team

The Prosperity Capital team is comprised of property and investment specialists with a wealth of experience across the UK and beyond. Our team is known throughout the market for their unique understanding of the property market and their credible insight, who deliver time and time again for our investors, partners and clients.

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Caroline Topham

Marketing Manager

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Dan Solley

Assistant Development Manager

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Ed Fowkes

Chief Operating Officer

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Gavin Barry

Chief Executive Officer

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Jason Karr

Development Consultant

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Susan Clough

Investor Relations Manager

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Howard Woollaston BSc FRICS

Non-Executive Director

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Jade Watkins

Junior Admin Assistant

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Paul Harbard

Development Consultant

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Stephen Jackson

Non-Executive Director

Key stakeholders

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Prosperity Capital our aim is to build thriving, sustainable neighbourhoods that serve the local community. Corporate Social Responsibility is something we are deeply passionate about as a business and runs through everything we do.

Issues such as poverty, unemployment, climate change, equality and diversity, health and education are just as important to us as our clients and partners. We also have a moral imperative to take these issues seriously and lead by example.

This means honestly reflecting on our operations and undertakings where we can improve, creating a strategy based on social, workplace and environmental need and measuring our success through appropriate procedures and systems.

Work with us

We are always on the lookout for new members to join our ever growing team. We focus on enabling our team to develop themselves through careers that are challenging and fulfilling, encouraging people to accomplish their aspirations in an authentic environment. If there are no vacancies listed, but you still want to chat with us, send us a message using the form here, we always want to hear from new talent.

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Do you have land in prime city centre locations to accommodate a minimum of 100 units?

At Prosperity Capital we are committed to sourcing the highest quality leads, securing and developing strategically located sites and opportunities where redevelopment will most benefit our city’s communities and growing population throughout the UK and Ireland.

Get in contact with our land buyer, Adam Jones to find out more.

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We only ask for your phone number if you would like a confidential, no obligation call back so we can explain more about build to rent; monthly and annual repayment options and answer any questions you may have.