Date: Friday 12-04-2019
Room: 5
Time: 15:35
Duration: 60
Cost: £0.00

Build to Rent is rarely out of the property papers, promising a panacea for the housing crisis. Some of the cold hard numbers make impressive reading: There are now 95,918 Build-to-Rent homes complete, under construction and in planning across the UK, according to research by the British Property Foundation.

On 5 March 2018, the Prime Minister Theresa May called for the entire private rental sector, including both the buy-to-let and build-to-rent sectors, to provide longer-term ‘family-friendly’ tenancies; the build-to-rent sector has already committed to offering this.

As build-to-rent continues to grow, it has also been able to diversify its offer – with 17% of schemes in the pipeline including houses, rather than just typical high-rise apartments.

The number of homes completed and under construction has risen by 46% in the past year alone, according to Savills, and the pre-planning pipeline is growing quickly; the build to rent pipeline could double to around 200,000 within the next two years.

A recent survey by the BPF showed that three quarters (75%) of MPs support build-to-rent and its contribution to UK housing supply.

Session host Richard Bowser is joined by an expert panel for what promises to be a lively discussion of a hot topic in the sector.